external panoramic vies of high security container module changing rooms at Black Ash Park,Lliswerry

Black Ash Park - High-Security Modular Changing Room Containers

The site of Black Ash Park in Lliswerry has suffered a litany of assaults in previous years, costing the local council thousands in legal and cleaning fees, and angering residents.

Benches and coat hooks inside changing room container module

In September 2018 the site was left in an appalling state as a result of fly-tipping and illegal encampment, resulting in the removal of 20 tonnes of rubbish costing over £3000 and repairs to damaged equipment (such as goal posts, gates, and locks) costing over £1000. Not to mention legal fees for eviction proceedings.

In February 2019, Black Ash Park again suffered considerable damage as a group of youths stole a JCB and used it to damage park furniture, including parts of the play park and a goal.

Wash basins and cubicles inside changing room container module

In addition, the park had become notorious for antisocial behaviour and drug use. Residents became so fed up with their tax money being spent on repairs caused by these behaviours that they organised a "Reclaim the Park" event in August 2019.

The Council also decided to take action and asked MAC Containers to provide purpose-built high-security modules for a project that was contracted to Noel Fitzpatrick LTD.

What was provided?

Benches and heater inside changing room container module

MAC was asked to provide a solution that was robust enough to withstand attempts at vandalism and break-ins and strong enough that they couldn't be damaged in the first place. The purpose of the project was to provide the community with Changing Rooms and so the containers needed to include specific facilities including, showers, changing areas, and toilets.

MAC Containers decided the best solution for the project was the SiteGuard™ modular container buildings. These purpose-built, high-security modules are extremely strong, bulletproof, and almost indestructible. Their prefabricated nature makes them quick and easy to erect, allowing them to be delivered on time and on budget.

What was the result?

Work on the project was completed in the Summer of 2019 and the containers stand untouched and completely undamaged even now. MAC's high-security modules have proven themselves to be a highly reliable solution against damage, vandalism, and break-ins, providing a solution that has given Black Ash Park back to the community.

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