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About us

Maybe our Client List, Case Studies and Testimonials should speak for themselves...

but since we're often asked how long we've been in business, and how we became the UK's leading manufacturer of container-based secure units and affordable housing, here's a brief potted history of MAC.


We were one of the original UK Container Trading Companies.

We distributed ISO (International Standards Organisation) Shipping Containers between the major container fleets.


We brought what we'd learned ashore.

Watertight, thief-proof and condensation-proof, in the world's most challenging working environments, shipping containers are manufactured to the highest standards. Many of our 'Old Originals' are still giving sterling service.

Working to the same engineering standards, we turned our attention to secure* storage units, offices, COSHH stores - and changing rooms for everyone from sports teams to construction gangs.

* Secure means what it says. In 40+ years, there has never been a break-in.

There followed some 30 years of consolidation

We worked hard, expanded our range of secure buildings, containers, portable toilets, modular buildings and retail/exhibition units. Above all, we concentrated on providing genuine service to everyone who bought or hired * a MAC product. As a formula, it obviously worked. Most of our earliest clients are still with us.

* Note: only certain MAC products and services - Site Storage, Self Storage and Site Offices - are available for hire. Find out more.


We obtained Building Regulations Approval to create Container-Based Homes in sizes ranging from 17’ x 10’ to 48’ x 12’.

At last, 'Affordable Housing' could be truly affordable - and equally important - Desirable. With all the longevity and security of a 'bricks & mortar' home, MAC homes are bespoke: adaptable to individual needs and wants. These are real homes, for real people; homes of which anyone could be proud.

The housing equation is now: Affordable + High Density = Beautiful.

For proof, here's the Bristol Launchpad Project: first Modular Student Accommodation Block in the UK - conceived, designed, manufactured, delivered and installed within 6 months. .

The Real Life equation for individual home-buyers is now: Imagination + Freedom + Common Sense = YOUR HOME - YOUR WAY.


We could go on - but just for now, a couple of examples.

Keeping the vandals - and their stolen JCB - at bay.
Following the havoc created at Lliswerry Changing Rooms and Playground, the local authority had to prevent further intrusions. Here is our solution.

Turnkey Service: from modular buildings, to drains and utilities

2022 and beyond ...

So much for the Past and Present (Yours & Ours)

As for the future... you tell us

Our Business is about working for your business