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Container House Case Studies

"MAC Containers: always on the case"
We didn't say that. Our customers do

As you can see if you follow the link, our customers include many of the world's most famous names - and, equally importantly, a great many smaller, but equally successful, organisations too. One of which may be yours - or that of your closest rival.

Before you delve into individual case studies here's a brief overview

  • Rugby clubs rub shoulders with the Health & Safety Executive
  • The MAC team that provided accommodation for the 2012 London Olympics also creates portable changing rooms, toilets and other facilities for local sports clubs, schools, colleges and hospitals
  • MAC provides COSHH and explosives storage for the Ministry of Defence... and fireworks factories... and many other companies responsible for the safe storage of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • MAC SiteGuardTM Containers have defeated thieves, vandals and angry mobs and mindless idiots for around forty years
  • MAC homes provide individuals, local authorities and housing associations with lifelong affordable comfort - no... make that luxury living - plus economy, security, opportunities for creative planning... and the pride of ownership that, regardless of age, background, ethnicity or aspirations, helps to build united and successful communities
  • MAC ensures that the Fast Food you buy is really healthy

So what about you? How do MAC Containers fit into your present and future plans?
These actual Case Studies may give you food for thought

Brown Field sites become beautiful green villages

With the help of MAC, Yellow Road Housing Co-Operative is relieving the housing crisis, especially in London.

MAC container-based modular homes are as sturdy, secure and well-insulated as any traditional building. More so in many cases. Accommodation includes kitchenette, lounge, bedroom, toilet and shower.

Practical, pleasant and adaptable to individual needs and wants, MAC homes are easily transported and assembled in less than a day.

Cutting edge technology, including solar panels and bio gas makes them outstandingly ecofriendly.

Appropriately, the first of these developments - which includes a community centre - is named The Emerald Village.

Vandal-Proof Art Gallery wows locals

Known by its many fans as The Cheese, a bright yellow MAC Container - the site of Cambridge artist Kirsten Lavers’ SAME & Different neighbourhood arts project - has become a popular meeting venue for residents and youth groups.

Manufactured to Kirsten’s specifications, The Cheese is a fully-equipped, fully-insulated exhibition space, with heating, lighting (both natural and artificial) broadband and provision for digital/virtual displays.

The Cheese also guards Kirsten's artworks. In over 35 years, the valuable artefacts entrusted to MAC containers have never suffered a break-in (see below).

Surrounded by stabbing, shooting, and looting, MAC stands firm

6th October 1985. Riots at Broadwater Farm Housing Estate, North London. Petrol bombs. Knives. Guns. One policeman dies. Another is shot. Over 80 hospital cases.

The only thing to come through the violence and vandalism unscathed is the MAC Container SiteGuards™ in which the London Borough of Haringey stores valuable equipment. Complying with BS CP3, BS CP11 and BS 449 and MoD Approved Defence Standard 05/29and HSE 93, MAC Containers have proved impregnable for over 35 years. What a tragedy that the police could not have the same level of protection!

Underground storage solutions

Situated in Hampstead, London, this elite apartment block offered everything expected of luxury accommodation - except enough storage space.

Asked by Rialto Homes, designers of the complex, to solve the problem, MAC supplied 200 purpose-built, thief-proof containers.

Measuring 8'x7' x 6'6', they featured fitted shelving units and rechargeable battery lighting. We delivered them on a Hiab crane lorry and manually installed them on all three levels of the underground car park - so that everyone’s prized possessions could safely be stored away.

Linked MAC Containers facilitate Glasgow community initiative

Briefed by Glasgow Corporation, MAC installed a shower and changing complex for the Wellhouse Housing Association's HUB - an all-under-one-roof project that brings together housing, childcare, employment and training services, plus an IT learning centre and community space.

Comprising seven MAC containers, interlinked in an L-shaped design, the complex is just one of many bespoke Local and District Council projects we've undertaken in over 30 years.

Real Life on a major oilfield

Run by Star Energy Oil UK, Hill Farm, Hampshire is one of Britain's biggest on-shore oil discoveries in the last twenty years.

Good news for some. Less good for others. A large number of skilled staff must live on-site - yet minimal environmental and social disruption are vital. MAC Containers created secure and comfortable, but unobtrusive site accommodation - fully insulated, with plumbed in toilet and shower, meal preparation facilities and Broadband.

Office: with steel shuttered windows and secure storage for tools and equipment.

Home-from-Home: Heated. Two double bedrooms. TV.

MAC: one of McDonald’s essential ingredients

Every day, around 3.5 million customers eat at UK McDonald’s, confident that their fast food is as fresh and healthy as it is tasty.

To ensure that wonderful flavour is matched by hygiene that comfortably exceeds the most stringent health & safety regulations, MacDonald's Drive-Thru outlets store grills, griddles, cooking oils and flammable materials in MAC SiteGuards™ secure storage units.

No wonder We're lovin' it!

Defeating vandalism, illegal encampments, drugs, violence, fly-tipping - and a stolen JCB

For too many years, dangerously anti-social behaviour made Lliswerry's Black Ash Park a no go zone for families and children. The last straw was when a bunch of youths stole a JCB and drove it through the existing changing rooms. Lliswerry Council asked Noel Fitzpatrick Ltd and MAC Containers to make Black Ash Park safe for local residents. In response, MAC provided purpose-built SiteGuard™ high-security modules, comprising Changing Rooms, Showers and Toilets.

Swiftly erected and well within budget, these prefabricated units are almost indestructible - even bullet-proof - and since we installed them in the summer of 2019, there has been no damage and no break-ins. Peace has returned to Black Ash Park.

Black Ash Park is now more popular than ever: proof that problems really can be opportunities.

Since 1977, MAC has provided security and service for customers ranging from individuals and small businesses, through local and national authorities, construction industries, education, health, charities, the military... we could go on - but better still, here's our client list.

And here are a few of the complimentary things they say about the engineering integrity of our products - not to mention the hands-on service behind them.

As far as we're concerned, most existing problems become opportunities: opportunities for dramatic and profitable improvements.

First things first. Having taken a look through some of our case studies, you'll probably have some ideas on how we can work with you in your quest to turn existing problems into immediate opportunities.

You probably have lots of questions - from Hire or Buy? to modular buildings.

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