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MAC Container SiteGuards™ : built to last

Surrounded by stabbing, shooting, looting and death MACSiteGuardTM Container stands firm

The riots at Broadwater Farm Estate on the night of 6th October 1985 will go down in history as one of the most tragically destructive and hate-filled events in 20th Century London.

Driven by social discontent, racial tensions and escalated by the fatal heart attack of an Afro-Caribbean woman during a police search, the riots led to a further death, many injuries and millions of pounds-worth of damage.

Deployed in a vain effort to restore law and order, 500 police with shields, helmets and truncheons confronted angry youths - some armed with machetes, knives and firearms - who pelted them with bottles and petrol bombs. Cars were overturned and set alight. Buildings were burnt, gutted and looted.

By midnight over eighty people had been taken to hospital. The night's violence culminated in the death of PC Keith Blakelock - only the third British police officer to die in a riot since 1833.

PC Richard Coombes suffered serious facial injuries, trying to rescue his colleague. Two other officers and three journalists were shot; fortunately, all five recovered from their wounds.

Police in riot gear occupied the estate for two months after the riot using police dogs, helicopters and surveillance equipment to maintain calm.

But like St Pauls during the Blitz MAC emerged unscathed

Bought by the London Borough of Haringey to store council tools and equipment, and surrounded by mayhem, the MAC SiteGuardTM remained standing – covered in graffiti but intact.

Thanks to the unique security features of the MAC Container SiteGuardsTM specification, no council equipment was lost. What a pity that the police, emergency services and innocent bystanders lacked similar protection!

The unique specifications of a MAC SiteGuardTM

  1. Subframe: 10g (or metric equivalent) Hr4 Mild Steel, welded @ 2’0” pitch
  2. Sides & Roof: 16g (or metric equivalent) Hr4 Mild Steel pressed panels
  3. Door: 14g (or metric equivalent) Hr4 Mild Steel, double integral locking cams, flush fitting to both jambs
  4. Constructed to comply with British Standard Codes of Practice BS CP3, BS CP11 and BS 449 and MoD Approved Defence Standard 05/29 and HSE 93

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