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MAC Containers: serving the local community

MAC Containers facilitate Glasgow housing association's latest community initiative

Wellhouse is a diverse and socially mixed region of East Glasgow. Like many inner-city areas, it has an interesting history: decades of mixed fortunes... misfortunes... ups and downs... success.

In 1990 - determined to transform the lives of themselves and all their fellow residents - a group of very efficient Glasgow City Council tenants were able to take 335 homes into community ownership.

Wellhouse Housing Association (Wellhouse HA) had been founded

In 1994, the Association was registered as a social landlord.

In 2010, Wellhouse HA acquired the rest of the social rented homes in its area. It now provides at least 850 good quality homes, at affordable rents.

Practical support is provided to those with financial, domestic or social challenges.

As a result of these initiatives, the locality is happier, more stable, and suffers far less social deprivation. Even during the Covid pandemic, there has been very little anti-social behaviour.

And now, in the wake of Covid, comes The New Hub MAC is proud to have played a part in its success

Having begun the planning process during the pandemic lockdown of June 2020 Wellhouse Housing HA has invested countless hours, total commitment - and all the money it can raise - to consolidate the future of the already popular Wellhouse Community Hub.

Though funds for such projects are always hard-won, their mission has been ambitious, to say the least.

Wellhouse essential goals included:

  • Transforming the facilities offered to local residents in the Post-Covid era
  • Bringing together housing, childcare, employment and training services under one roof
  • Providing an IT learning centre and community space
  • Providing a safe and welcoming venue for other not-for-profit and charitable organisations
  • Encouraging businesses to rent space - and thereby contribute to running costs

Affordable? Of course.  Given good planning, good financial control, common sense - and carefully selected suppliers - anything should be possible. And it is. 

Top Quality - Vital
Bottom Line - Crucial
Creature Comforts - MAC

Innovative, Sensible and very Economical  - a series of seven linked MAC Containers  provide shower and changing facilities that every member of the community can appreciate:

  • interior partitioning
  • toilets
  • urinals
  • sinks
  • shower units
  • water heaters
  • benches
  • lockers

Just ask MAC ... Job done

In over 30 years of bespoke unit building, this is just one of the successful and cost-effective projects we've carried out for National, Local and District Councils - not to mention the MoD, health, education, charities and dozens of businesses.

To get a quote for MAC Containers on-site accommodation just click on one of the links below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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