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MAC Containers: on-site accommodation

How to win and retain support for a major oilfield in rural Hampshire

Situated on the Weald Basin, which runs in a north-easterly direction from the Dorset coast, Hill Farm is one of several oil fields discovered in predominantly rural parts of Hampshire. It is one of Britain's biggest on-shore oil discoveries in the last thirty years.

At a glance, this is good news for some - and a lot less good for others.

On the one hand, oil and other hydrocarbons contribute substantially to the economy and employment opportunities of Hampshire. They also contribute to the UK as a whole - and, like other British sources of hydrocarbons, they provide a measure of independence in an uncertain world.

Against that, the UK is committed to achieving a zero-carbon future

However, this cannot realistically be achieved overnight. Regardless of political will and financial investment, renewable sources of energy: solar, wind power, wave-power, hydrogen - and technologies still at early stages of development - there has to be a period of transition; in the short term, at least, the route to zero-carbon can only be fuelled by... hydrocarbon.

And what about the impact on local environments and communities?

Fortunately, from every point of view, IGas, the oil well developers, are committed to addressing all these issues.

  1. IGas is already developing ways of converting existing gas production into hydrogen, in partnership with Bayotech ( a leading technologies business in hydrogen generation systems
  2. In 2020 IGas acquired GTEnergy, a developer of geothermal energy - the energy in the Earth's crust originating from the formation of the planet (and which has been used to supply hot water since pre-Roman times)
  3. IGas is committed to the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and contractors - the majority of whom are local residents
  4. IGas maintains close and responsive relationships with the communities in which it operates. The company realises that is cannot succeed without the co- operation and approval of local residents
  5. IGas relies on MAC containers to create on-site buildings

Attractive, yet unobtrusive - immensely strong - and, for obvious reasons, totally secure - MAC supplies:

  1. Offices - with steel shuttered windows
  2. Secure storage for tools and equipment
  3. Canteens
  4. Staff Accommodation - fully insulated, with plumbed in toilet/shower, meal preparation facilities and Broadband
  5. And - for those occasions when engineers must remain on-site overnight - true homes-from-home: heated, two double bedrooms and TV.

To discuss ways in which MAC Containers can provide secure storage, or new container buildings for your application simply click on one of the links below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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