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MAC Containers: meeting place and exhibition space

Vandal-Proof Art Gallery wows locals
(And they aren't all just art lovers)
all ages... all backgrounds... all abilities... all tastes

Yep - The Cheese wins friends, educates some, amuses others brings people together and unites a disparate community

Christened The Cheese by its many fans, a bright yellow MAC Container is home to a ground breaking Cambridge art gallery and its owner Kirsten Lavers.

Manufactured to Kirsten's precise and demanding specifications, The Cheese is very far indeed from being 'elitist', 'non inclusive' - or any of the other criticisms sometimes levelled at other cultural pursuits.

On the contrary, Kirsten's SAME & Different neighbourhood arts project has become a popular meeting venue for residents of all ages and backgrounds - and an inspiration for youth group members seeking new outlets for their energies.

Accessibility is ensured by an understanding that 'art' takes many forms - most of which are valid... and all of which are mind-opening.

Young or old, visitors are discovering tastes and talents of which they were previously unaware.

Above all The Cheese is a creative safe haven in what can be a confusing world:
‍Fun, fire-proof - and with a peaceful, productive ethos

As a MAC SiteGuardTM product, The Cheese is impregnable to virtually all threats - but it is, above all, an art gallery, in which professionals and amateurs can display their work and share it with like-minded others.

The gallery provides first-rate presentation facilities
If it didn't, it would be failing in its primary mission

The Cheese is a fully-equipped, fully-insulated exhibition space, with heating, lighting (both natural and artificial) broadband and provision for digital/virtual displays. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to explore their creative potential.

Equally vital is Health & Safety. If specified by the customer, MAC Containers can be fire-proof. The Cheese is no exception.

And of course, The Cheese also guards the health of Kirsten's (and other peoples' - maybe yours) artworks. In over 40 years, the valuable artefacts entrusted to MAC containers have never suffered a break-in.

As a heritage of our origins, supplying shipping containers on the world's most treacherous seas, any MAC container is:

  • Thief-proof - even by pirates
  • Waterproof - even round Cape Horn
  • Condensation-proof - even after many years
  • Vandal-proof - even in the face of angry mobs

Whatever your plans - from an art gallery to a youth club... from a sports facility to a lovely affordable home... from secure storage to whatever you have in mind we're here to discuss your needs and wants.

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