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MAC Containers: a MAC for McDonald’s drive-thrus


The tastiest, most popular, most wholesome fast foods on earth
A recipe of culinary skills, service and 100% hygiene

The finest ingredients from 23,000 Irish and UK farmers (Every Big Mac contains 90gms - 1.6oz - of the best beef money can buy)

In UK/Ireland, McDonald's has 130,000 staff, 1,400restaurants
4 million customers -and over 1,000 Drive-Thru outlets

McDonald's also has a certain special ingredient:

MAC Containers

McDonald's is the sort of business success that dreams are made of - but, like all dramatic success stories, it's based on simple reality: hard work, innovation, good marketing, uncompromising standards - and carefully selected suppliers.

Let's go back to 1967 - when the Big Mac: a hamburger containing a subtle mixture of top-quality pure beef, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and some very special secrets - all in a three-piece sesame seed bun - was dreamed up by Jim Delligatti - one of McDonald's earliest franchisees.

Within weeks, the Big Mac had captured the market in Pittsburgh, USA. Within a year, it had won over the rest of the US.

The world came next... and the rest is history.

But in the food industry, even a world leader can fall. Just one glitch... just one allergy... just one bacterium... can send all those fine ideals, all that commitment to excellence... to the trash can.

And these days, the environmental lobby - not to mention Personal Injury lawyers - are on the lookout for any opportunity... the McDonald's ethos - one of excellence, human values and social responsibility - are more important than ever.

Among other things, that is why McDonald's recycles all cooking oil - and is working seriously towards Zero-Carbon status.

And that is why McDonald's trusts MAC Containers to preserve Hygiene, Health& Safety throughout its growing Drive-Thru network

MacDonald's Drive-Thru outlets store all their grills, griddles, cooking oils and flammable materials in MAC SiteGuardTM secure storage units. As a result, millions of McDonald's take-away diners can enjoy food that's as good as it would be in one of our restaurants.

Whether they take their McDonald's home, to ensure a warm welcome from the family, or devour it as refreshment during their journey - they can be certain that the unmistakable McDonald's flavour is matched by hygiene that comfortably exceeds the most stringent health & safety regulations.

McDonald's is by no means our only global client.

But very large, or very small... and whatever your interest... construction, industrial, agricultural, sport, research, mineral extraction, health, educational... if you're considering secure storage, or portable buildings - or simply some unbiased advice - just click on one of the buttons below.

Unlike so many business decisions, it really is that simple.


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