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Yellow Road Housing Co-Operative - Container Housing Solution

Brown Field site becomes an Emerald Village

We're writing this case study following a night when once again, temperatures in Southern England fell to -1° and below; well below.

Global warming hasn't yet consigned winter to history.

Just imagine being homeless - yet, for whatever reason, more and more people are. Why on earth should this be?

As industry contracts... online expands... commerce and even retail companies close down, or move out of town... the supply of brown field sites - just waiting for development - grows...

All that's needed is a purposeful initiative by local authorities and the momentum created by housing associations like Yellow Road Housing Co-operative.

Plus, of course, a company like MAC Containers to provide instant, affordable and aspirational long-term solutions.

Working closely with MAC, Yellow Road is giving new life, new homes - and new hope - to inner-city areas - in London and elsewhere.

Using the land available on Brownfield sites, Yellow Road and MAC are creating instant villages - made possible by MAC's ability to create modular homes that are easy to transport, fast to put in place - and take less than a day to assemble.

(Traditional bricks & mortar developments can take years. Life's too short...)

Homes for living in. Homes for thriving in:

  1. The Emerald Village is a true village - with all the benefits and security provided by a united community
  2. It has swiftly acquired an impressive level of mutual support - and a well-patronised Community Centre
  3. This is a place in which people who've had it tough can recharge their morale, before moving on - or deciding to stay put
  4. Every MAC home has a kitchenette, a lounge, a bedroom and a shower
  5. Up-to-the-minute insulation conserves warmth in the winter and refreshing coolness in the summer
  6. Cutting edge technology,including solar panels and bio gas, ensure unique levels of eco-friendliness

Above all, Engineering Excellence

The standards that have made MAC Containers the UK's leading manufacturer of thief-proof, vandal-proof, waterproof, condensation-proof, fireproof security storage and buildings ensure that these homes will:

  1. Last at least as long as any bricks & mortar building
  2. Require minimum maintenance to remain pristine
  3. Encourage community values and a house-proud mindset

Take a look at this video to see how MAC Containers have become an essential part of the award-winning Emerald Village.

And to find out more about the MAC range, or discuss your specific requirements, simply phone click on one of the links below. We look forward to hearing from you

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