Your shipping container questions answered

Q: What is special about MAC Container SiteGuards™?

A: MAC Container SiteGuards™ have a unique security system and we are proud to say that we have not had a break-in in over 30 years. With no external hinges, as well as internal cams, there is no effective point of entry, ensuring the containers are vandal-proof.

Q: What can MAC container SiteGuards™ be used for?

A: We provide containers for use as site accommodation, office space, classrooms, smoking shelters, toilets, showers and changing rooms, as well as secure storage space for your possessions or hazardous materials. All of our containers are anti-vandal: thief proof, fire proof (all our units are 30 minute Fire Rated) and condensation proof.

Q: Is it possible to stack MAC Container SiteGuards™ ?

A: All our units are designed to stack on top of each other if required. Because of the high level of manufacturing specification, no additional or interim ground support is necessary, even for 40' x 12' units. HSE steel staircases are also supplied and fitted on site by our delivery team. (Click on container layouts)

Q: Who uses MAC Container SiteGuards™ ?

A: Anyone from private individuals and small businesses to multinationals and the Ministry of Defence. Our clients include Network Rail, HM Prisons, Alfred McAlpine, Astra Fireworks, the National Trust, Thorn EMI, Whitbread, Bovis Homes, British Aerospace and Everest Double Glazing to name but a few.

Q: What's included in a bespoke office unit?

A: Our offices are internally lined and insulated with lighting and Dimplex convector heating included in the cost. Air conditioning is an optional extra. You can have partitioning and sanitation to meet your requirements, and also choose from our vast range of over 190 colours. We offer the further free option of either corrugated or smooth sided external walls.

Q: How long would I have to wait for delivery of a bespoke container?

A: Once we have received your initial enquiry with your requirements, we produce a bespoke CAD drawing for your approval. Your container will be manufactured at one of our factories, in accordance with British Standards Codes of Practice BS CP3, BS CP11 and BS 449, and you can expect to receive your container within 14 - 16 weeks of initial order.

Q: Do you deliver worldwide?

A: Our main focus is the United Kingdom although we do supply containers to other countries. Nothing is beyond us. We have delivered containers from as far afield as mountain tops in Kosovo, (link to video) to the Falkland Islands.

Q: What are your delivery costs?

A: It depends on your location. We have two factories, one in Gloucester and one in Liverpool so we would arrange for delivery from the factory closer to your premises.

Q: Do you always deliver your containers?

A: We will deliver them if our client wants us to. Some clients are happy to arrange for their own delivery - that's fine too. We'll even offer a free lift onto your vehicle. We do, however, provide an extremely efficient delivery service using hiab self off-loaders to ensure minimal disruption.

Q: I want to move one of the containers on my site. Will you do this for me and how much will it cost?

A: We will happily arrange this for you. Our charge is the same as for delivery.

Q: I'm moving house shortly and need to put my possessions into storage. Do you provide self-storage facilities?

A: We have a facility at the North Weald Aerodrome. You can fit the entire contents of a 4-bedroom house into one of our 20' x 8' storage units - it's hard to visualise but it's true. The costs are £3 per day on the first floor and £5 per day on the ground floor. There is 24-hour security on site with 24-hour access by prior arrangement, at a small additional cost. Otherwise you may access your storage unit free of charge during office hours.

Q: How much would it cost to buy a MAC Container SiteGuard™ ?

A: Not as much as you think. To find out more, please click on Quick Quote and let us assess your needs.

Q: Is it possible to hire all your containers?

A: We do not provide any bespoke containers for hire - only our standard 20' x 8' stores and offices. A store costs £2.50 per day and an office costs £4.95 per day. The minimum hire period is 30 days and the cost never increases, no matter how long the hire period.

Q: What colours do your containers come in?

A: One hundred and ninety, actually. Please click here to view the pdf with the full range. We also offer a corrugated or smooth sided exterior to blend in with your environment.

Q: Would a MAC container SiteGuard™ make a good classroom?

A: A MAC container SiteGuard™ is an excellent teaching facility as it is fully insulated and equipped to the highest standards. The heating system will keep the students warm in winter, and the air-conditioning keeps them cool in summer. The unit can be fitted to meet your requirements and will provide an ideal learning environment. It will also be vandal-proof and totally secure.

Q: Is planning permission needed to use a MAC container SiteGuard™ as a temporary home?

A: You should check with your Local Authority as the regulations vary.

Q: Could I use a MAC container SiteGuard™ as a secure garage for my classic car?

A: Yes, most definitely as our containers are thief proof, fire proof (all our units are 30 minute Fire Rated) and condensation proof. They are ideal storage units for all your most prized possessions.

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