Hiring a MAC office won’t cost you the earth

Container office space interirorAt MAC Containers, we provide standard 20’ x 8’ office units for hire. As with all our containers, they are of the highest quality and in accordance with British Standard Codes of Practice BS CP3, BS CP11 and BS 449.

With a MAC office, you will have

  • a secure office space
  • high security personnel door and windows
  • 20’ x 8’ spacious working environment
  • heating and insulation in winter
  • light and fresh air in summer

All this for only £4.95 per day.

We will also deliver your MAC office with a minimum of fuss and disruption so you’ll be up and running before you know it.

Conditions of hire:

Please note that we do not hire out any bespoke containers.

  • Minimum hire period is 30 days. There is no maximum.
  • The hire charge will never increase during the hire period.
  • We request delivery and collection costs up front together with the first 30 days’ hire.
  • Thereafter payment is monthly by standing order.

To get a quote for MAC Containers on-site accommodation click here or call 0800 135 7047