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Shipping Containers for Hire and Purchase

MAC Containers have provided secure storage for well over forty years

We proved ourselves in the world's harshest conditions
What can we do for you and your business?

Our business began in 1977 with the MAC Shipping Containers that - stacked high on vast ships - enable modern world trade.

Leak-proof, condensation-proof, fire-proof - and thief-proof - they carry precious, often fragile, cargoes through raging storms and furious seas.

Many of our earliest shipping containers are still giving sterling service - but we've come a long way since 1977.

Since the early 80s, we've applied the same engineering integrity to a whole raft of land-based high security applications.

No MAC Container is just a converted MAC Shipping Container. Secure storage is just one of our purpose-designed solutions for - among other applications:

  • Site Security
  • Farm & Rural Industry Security
  • Site Offices & Welfare Units
  • Portable Toilets, Washrooms & Changing Rooms
  • Secure Offices
  • Temporary Offices
  • Portable Retail, Marketing & Hospitality Events
  • Office Expansion and Relocation
  • Health / Education premises
  • Site Accommodation
  • Housing. High Quality. Long Life. Low Cost*

    Average cost of a MAC home: £35,000
    Average cost of a similar bricks & mortar home: £240,000
    (Based on research by Checkatrade)

One glance at our Client List and Case Studies will
show you why MAC leads the UK in versatile containers and give you some ideas of your own

Here are just a few examples:

*Container Homes can also be beautiful

MAC Container Homes are economical, durable, environmentally friendly - as comfortable, secure and well-insulated as bricks & mortar. As our pictures show, they can also be very stylish.

And that really matters, whether you're an aspiring homeowner, an authority seeking affordable, but desirable solutions to local housing needs - or an investor who must always see a healthy ROI.

Find out more about our Container Homes

Any Other Business?

This is where we ask you for your ideas. We can't possibly think of all the potential uses for our containers. So how would you use one to your advantage?

So tell us your ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A company providing hospitality at open-air events buys a MAC portable toilet for the sole use of its diners. Just like a restaurant.

The owner of a priceless classic car rents a MAC container in which to store his pride and joy when he attends concours events.

Fed up after yet another theft of machinery, a farmer buys a MAC container.

Tell us how we could help you improve your business.


We are proud to have worked with

bovis homesBThiltonbritish gasbudweiserbalfour beatty

And many, many more. View our full client list.